Phased web site development for business growth

Many business owners can see the potential of the internet, but a full solution can be prohibitively costly, and interim solutions often prove unworkable in the long run. To avoid this, it is wise to consider several levels of development, and decide what is needed now, the perfect scenario for the end result, and all the stages in between. A short assessment usually highlights key points, which guide any recommendations Through discussion, a plan can be created which takes into considerations key factors, including budgets and time-scales.

I have written an example below, but every business has different requirements so please contact me to discuss your individual circumstances.

A photographer who is just starting out may want a contact page and emails on his own domain. After a couple of months there should be a portfolio developing, so we add a gallery section.

In a years time he is looking to provide an online booking system to show his availability, we add this functionality to his site, with a simple plug-in which will also allow him to manage appointments for the 2nd photographer he just hired.

As more of his clients ask for digital proofs and copies we expand the gallery section to include password protected areas for watermarked proofs to be previewed. After reviewing the options the client chooses a licensed plug-in to provide e-commerce gallery options, to enable his customers to order various formats, frames and accessories.

With the addition of payment facilities to his web site, we  we are also able to add invoice, deposit and balance payment facilities to the booking section.